BeautiYoga is the only yoga program that incorporates natural FaceLift Yoga so that you look and feel the best of your self!

Complementing your regular Yoga Flow practice with FaceLift  Yoga boosts your self-esteem, keep you feeling relaxed, confident, radiant, beautiful… and at least ten years younger!

How does it work?

FaceLift  Yoga is a facial workout  based on a powerful breathing technique and dynamic muscle resistance training. No cream or treatment could give your face the effectiveness of this natural facelift, erase fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of double chin & sagging skin, change your complexion to glowing, healthy radiance when practiced for only 5 minutes every day. Many creams can improve the texture of the skin of course, but so far there is no cream that can improve the tone and strength of a muscle.
The muscles of the face differ from those of the body in that they are attached directly to the skin that covers them and the bone underneath. This means that when the facial muscles sag, face-muscles-desired-face-european-facial-wourkout-480x280the skin attached to them sags too. So in fact the slackening of the facial muscles is the main cause of the sagging and drooping that most of us experience leading to bags under eyes, etc.
Muscles have to be exercised in order to become firm and fit! ! These exercises plump up sagging muscles by increasing their volume and regenerating the production of new skin cells, collagen and elastin which are essential for a healthy, vibrant, youthful complexion. The program also increases better blood and oxygen circulation throughout the face, neck, scalp and body by including effective breathing excercises. Once you learn them, you have them at your fingertips for the rest of your life…

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