Healing Breathing


Accessing Blissful states  through  Sound,  Breath and Movement

This is a breathing practice where we connect our breathing to  a visual image, gentle movement and sound, so that through  our  healing intention physical mental and emotional changes occur. It is a very powerful and effective technique both for therapy and for personal development. How we breathe  effects how we feel and  relate to ourselves and others. It  effects our physical and mental health and  our state of consciousness.

We all breathe and mostly do it unconsciously. We inhale not only air, oxygen, but the Cosmic Life Force- PRANA – CHI – the vast energy of atoms, wich activates the physical body. This is the component that distinguishes a living being from a corpse. We ingest a little prana with our food/20%/, but primarily it is infused into our bodies as we breathe/80%/.

With Healing Breathing  we resolve deep problems, heal emotional traumas, connect to our inner guidance , inner and outer energy fields.  When breathing becomes conscious, magical transformation happens .

  • Your energy levels jump up to a higher level never experienced before.
  • Extatic joy starts to dance in your heart.
  • Your body and soul releases toxic residue –replacing stress with love and joy.
  • Balancing the hormonal and weight issues.
  • Brings deep relaxation, self –love, sense of peace and freedom.


Everything starts on the inside – come and experience the power of your breathing!


May your Soul be Immersed In Love and Light!